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Introducing the brand guide
Introducing the brand guide
This is where the brand guide comes in. Simply put, the brand guide is a manual that defines the brand identity and explains how it should be used, both internally and externally. It helps make the connection between the product, the corporate identity, the logo and the brand promise, so that all of these elements will connect in a coherent way that resonates with both prospective and existing customers.

The brand guidelines also contain explicit instructions of how all the tangible elements of a brand, business cards, ads, packaging, signage, should be used in communication.

In addition the brand guide functions as outline for both designers and marketers, helping them to work together to perfect the logo, put together ads that are both striking and enticing, and maintain the integrity of the brand across a variety of platforms. It helps ensure that every communication with customers is consistent with the brand values, and that all advertisements and sales literature will resonate both visually and emotionally consistent with what you provide to customers.

At the most basic level, the brand guide must be based on an assessment of a company’s core competencies. Make sure there is no conflict between these areas of competence, and concentrate only on the ones that overlap, for these will form the basis of your brand and the foundation for its identity.

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