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New customers embark on a journey to online success through our 6 step process. This process, honed over the last 20 years, allows us to design and develop websites that meet the overall goals and objectives of our clients as well as to provide a satisfactory and engaging experience for their site viewers. Using this approach has proved extremely effective, garnering us many awards and delivering our clients hugely successful online solutions. 

1) PLAN 
At Regroup Media, we stand out in many ways, one of which is the planning process with new customers. Planning is a crucial aspect of the development and designing a website as it is the starting point in the project. Eager to enhance and improve your website, a project manager from our expert team will define the site objectives, brand and design strategies, target audiences, site functionality, content presentation, hosting, and maintenance needs from our client. From there, the project manager and development team will create a specifically structured Project Plan with detailed guidelines that will be presented for client approval. 

Once a client approves their Project Plan, the design process begins. This step is where the client can begin to visually observe the process and see the development happening before their eyes. The initial compositions will be based upon previous conversations about creative elements, review of competitor sites and of course, the lead graphic designer’s input and feedback. The Project Manager will then coordinate review and approval of the compositions. This is a collaborative procedure relying on clear communication between Regroup Media and the client. 

Once graphic compositions are approved, Regroup Media will move the project through the HTML coding phase. This phase revolves around coding of the website graphics and framework. Once coding is completed, the site will be moved through the extensive programming and integration phase. This part of the process is typically the most time intensive in the project, as there may be multiple integration points and complexities. However, our experts will work to provide the most efficient and quality service to keep your timeline on track. 

After all programming is finished, the site will be put into “beta” mode. During the beta phase, Regroup Media will conduct an extensive variety of tests to ensure that the client’s website runs as smoothly as possible. Additionally, we encourage our clients to test and critique all aspects of the new site – graphics, performance, structure, and more. From here, after client approval, the site will be moved from the staging environment to a PCI-compliant server within Regroup Media’s data center, where all final changes are implemented. 

The Web site at this point is considered live and ready to receive traffic. This is the most exciting phase of the process, as the whole project comes together and site visitors are impressed and pleased by the new website. At this time, it is also typical to have an influx of customers and positive responses due to the changes made. 

Like any machine or piece of technology, a website takes support and service to keep it running well and at its best. Many web developers overlook or dismiss this step, but Regroup Media recognizes the great importance of continued service and maintenance. Think of this as insurance for your website- should anything need more updating, another feature, or a quick fix.

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